The Story Behind the Story Part 1

February 27, 2021


Every story has a once upon a time, and this is the story behind The Princess Without a Crown.  

I was brushing my teeth one night and the words came into my head like the lyrics to a favorite song.  When I realized what was happening, I ran to my bed, grabbed a notebook and pen and began writing the words almost as fast as they were coming to me.  Half of the story came to me that night, and the rest came to me the next morning.  I could not believe what had happened.  I stared at the verses.  Interestingly, the story did not come to me in order.  So I began numbering the paragraphs until it began to make sense and form a story.  

But let's go back a few years, 14 to be exact.  I was with my cousin who was about 10 or 11 years old at the time, and we had just been talking about life.  I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, "The most beautiful woman in the whole world."  Her answer made me really reflect on little girls, their self esteem, and the true definition of beauty.  After graduating Cosmetology School, I worked in the salon for several years before having children.  I noticed something interesting, little girls under a certain age had so much confidence.  They believed they could do anything.  They believed they could be anything.  They knew they were amazing.  They inspired me.  But something shifted in many of these girls as they grew up.  That spark dimmed.  When a tween or teen would sit in my chair, they pointed out every single flaw they wanted to cover, or imperfection they wanted to hide.  I even began seeing that same type of thinking in many of my clients no matter their age.    

I made it my goal to find something beautiful to point out to every single one of my clients while they were in my chair.  I wondered if it would be difficult to give a genuine compliment to so many ladies, but it never was.  I found something beautiful about every single one!   I realized that the definition of beauty is so misunderstood.   Everyone is beautiful, and the differences between us are even more beautiful.  If everyone had the "ideal" anything, the unique beauty of this world would be gone.  Did I always believe these things?  I have to confess that I didn't.  I thought that I was a very plain, ordinary, every day person.  Easy to miss, easy to forget.  Someone had even asked if it was difficult for me to have two perfect and beautiful sisters?  I suppose it was easy for me to recognize the thoughts and feelings of others because I had felt it so many times in myself.  

During those years, I suppose a message began to form.  A message that we are enough.  A message that it doesn't matter what we wear or what we look like, that we do not need to "cover" ourselves up with anything to be truly amazing.  My clients seemed to listen when I shared this with them.  When I would give them their genuine compliment, a sparkle began to return.  They began to see themselves differently or in a way they had forgotten.  

After having our daughters, I retired from the salon to be a full-time mom and homemaker.  I never regretted that decision, but I felt that I was still meant to share this message.  I filled notebooks with ideas of how it should be done.  Years passed with a lot of crumpled pieces of paper.  I could not come up with just the right idea.  I did not give up entirely, but it was pushed to the back of my mind.  

After having our second daughter, I found myself in the depths of Postpartum depression.  I had a bit of a difficult pregnancy and my recovery was more challenging than I had anticipated.  My confidence in myself was at an all time low, and I did not even want to look in the mirror most days.  As I look back, I find it ironic that a book about feeling beautiful, confident, and knowing you are enough would come to me at that time.  But it did.  I was brushing my teeth, and it came.  But you know that part of the story.

I felt as if those words were divinely inspired.  There was really no other explanation.  And as I looked at the words that formed the story, I realized that I needed them in that very moment. 

Continued on The Story Behind the Story Part 2

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