Book Launch

August 29, 2019

Thank you so much to all who came to the Launch Party and first signing event for my new children's book!  I could not believe the turnout of wonderful people!

I ordered the perfect crowns for the event.  I wanted to be sure that every single little girl/boy who came felt like a princess/prince.  After all, how will they know who the truly are unless we remind them?  I ordered the crowns with plenty of time to spare, but as the days and hours!  I would alternate between checking my order status and the mailbox, hoping it would magically appear.  I finally received a notification that the crowns would be late!  I mean, tell me something I didn't already know!  I was frantic, until I remembered that even "without a crown" the event could still be special and meaningful--and slightly ironic.  But they arrived on the day of the event.  Miraculously!  

I realize that I did not just win a Grammy Award--but I would feel extremely ungrateful if I did not thank my wonderful family!  I could not have pulled it off without their support.  To be quite honest, this story would probably still be scribbles on loose sheets of paper, sitting on my desk without their encouragement.  They have been so supportive of the story and idea from the very beginning!  

We had crowns, prizes, cupcakes, fresh cotton candy, and a raffle for a Kid's Edition Echo Dot.  Should I mention that I have been forbidden to bring the cotton candy machine ever again by the cotton candy man, himself?  If I can ever find a picture of the aftermath, I will be sure to edit this post.  It might give you wonderful, sweet nightmares.   

  I hope everyone who came had a wonderful time!  Thank you again for all of your support and I hope you love the story!  With the help of my wonderful publishing team, and incredibly talented illustrator, this book became a dream come true!  

Have a wonderful day, and always remember who you truly are!!


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