Hello there and thank you for gracing this page with your wonderful presence! 

My name is Nicole. I'm a girl mom, apple pie aficionado, and for some reason can never find a pen when I need one.

I also write and arrange music I hope will be uplifting and inspiring. Music has always been a part of my life. I began plinking before I can even remember and playing at the age of six. I was about as diligent at practicing as my younger sister. (I always tried to stay at least a book ahead.) ;)

On my twelfth birthday, we learned that my dad had been called as a Mission President (or Mission Leader) for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Porto, Portugal. I was very nervous to leave the only home I had ever known, a small, red-brick house surrounded by the mountains of Northern Utah. But I was determined to make Portugal my home for the next three years. I fell in love with the country the moment I saw the tile rooftops out the airplane window. The ocean, palm trees, old castles, clock towers, cobblestone streets and charming pastry shops became a permanent part of my heart. Along with the most wonderful people who shared with me the most genuine love and kindness I had ever experienced.

Although I was no longer able to take piano lessons professionally while we were there, I was blessed to continue learning. I was asked to play the piano every Sunday in our ward and whenever we traveled to other meetings throughout the country. I practiced more than I had ever practiced before. I remember getting so nervous my hands would become cold, sweaty, and shaky and I was barely able play the keys. The Portuguese members encouraged me with every song and never judged a wrong note. They would gather around the piano after church and just sing. It took me a long time to understand their words, yet music can transcend language and differences. Their love of music sounded through their wonderful voices and is something that will stay with me forever.  

I began arranging hymns and writing music while we were there and always felt that I was better able express myself when I could not find the words. I feel very blessed to now, many years later, be able to share the music that is in my heart. 

The pieces are mostly written at either Early Intermediate or Intermediate Levels. The sheet music of hymn arrangements, piano solos, and accompaniments are available to download for free. Physical copies will be available to purchase very soon.

I hope to provide pieces of music that can be used in church meetings for prelude, musical numbers, piano solos, or simply for your living room. Please reach out if you have any questions!

With Love,