Hello Beautiful!  Thank you for gracing this website with your presence!  I started this blog as a home for my Children's Book, The Princess Without a Crown--I wrote one, lonely post about the book launch.  But now it has become a place for all of the things I love.  

I am a mother, first and forever, to two beautifully, bright little girls.  

When our daughters were born, I left the salon where I was a hair stylist and makeup artist to be a full-time homemaker.  I have never regretted my decision, I still, however, love the Beauty Industry and am grateful for all of the things I learned from my clients and salon friends over the years.  

After falling in the pit of postpartum depression, I was going through the motions, forcing a smile, and doing the very best I could to keep my head above water.  Late one night when I was brushing my teeth, of all things, the words to The Princess Without a Crown filled my mind, and I truly feel like it was a gift in that dark time.  They were words I needed to hear.  I believe it was inspired from above, a message of who we really are and the beauty that is within all of us.  

Nowadays I am in constant search for a matching bow or missing ballet slipper and I am thrilled to finally be in a place where I can share glimpses of my life with you.  Whether it's family favorite recipes, fitness goals and beauty faves, mamahood, or lifestyle-I hope you find something you love.   

But more than that, I hope you discover something that inspires you!  Run the marathon, submit the manuscript, bake the soufflé, take the trip, learn the language, or all of the above.  Whatever it is that you have always wanted to do-do it!  You will never know until you try.  I am cheering for you!  Love to you all!




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